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Electrical Wiring and Panel Upgrades in Nassau and Suffolk County

At Stone Electric, we recognize the critical role of a reliable, high-performance electrical system. To uphold the safety and efficiency of our customers’ homes, we provide trusted residential electrical panel wiring upgrades. Experience peak functionality, compliance, and cost savings with our experts in Nassau and Suffolk County.

electrician and electrical panel in Long Island, NY

Understanding Electrical Panels

Electrical panels, also known as circuit breaker panels, fuse boxes, or distribution panels, are key components in every home. As the main power source, electrical panels are the primary place for moving electricity throughout your property. These systems serve to not only distribute electricity but also protect against power surges, interrupting unsafe electrical flow to prevent hazards.

Resolving Panel Concerns Promptly and Efficiently

When your electrical panel’s power fails to return despite having flipped the breaker back following an outage, you face a more significant issue. That’s where Stone Electric comes in. Our trained and certified team repairs, installs, replaces and upgrades residential electrical wiring and panels to resolve your electrical concerns promptly and efficiently.

Comprehensive Electrical Panel and Wiring Assessment

When you suspect that your residential electrical panel is no longer performing to standards, Stone Electric is here. We begin our service with a comprehensive assessment. This enables us to develop a detailed understanding of your home’s power requirements and upgrade needs while detecting problematic areas that may require extra care and attention to mitigate hazards.

Electrical Panel and Wiring Evaluation

At Stone Electric, we go beyond visual inspections. We get to the core of your home’s electrical capabilities by evaluating the condition of your residential electrical wiring, panel, and connected components. This is imperative, allowing us to not only curate personalized solutions but also enabling us to ensure that your results adhere to safety standards.

Potential Safety Hazards

Electrical panel problems are highly dangerous. When a residential electrical panel becomes a threat to your home, we recommend replacement as soon as possible. Outdated wiring, faulty connections, and overloaded circuits are hazards that can increase the risk of electrical shock and fires if not promptly addressed.

Symptoms of a Faulty Electrical Panel

Outdated panels are not designed to support modern electrical demands. As panels age, you will likely notice symptoms that indicate you need a residential electrical panel upgrade, including:

  • Flickering/dimming lights.
  • Panel that is warm to the touch
  • Burning odor
  • Melted wiring.
  • Frequent breaker trips
  • Appliances that cannot keep up with your electrical needs.

Residential Electrical Wiring Upgrade Solutions

Having enough electricity to support your daily needs safely and without interruption is vital. That’s why Stone Electric provides residential electrical panel wiring upgrades, comprehensive replacements, and repairs. Our professionals will gladly inspect your panel to curate a personalized upgrade solution followed by meticulous installation to maximize the performance of your home.

Residential Electrical Panel Lifespan

A well-maintained electrical panel’s lifespan ranges from 25-40 years. However, many factors determine the timeline of your breaker panel, including your home’s age, construction, and hardware quality. Homes over 20 years old are seldom equipped with panels powerful enough to support modern technology. As such, replacement is often required.

Do I Need An Electrical Wiring Upgrade?

Several factors can lead to an electric wiring upgrade and/or panel replacement. The common signs we look out for include:

  • Crackling sounds
  • Corroded/rusted circuit breakers.
  • Insufficient appliance performance
  • Non-GFCI outlets near water sources
  • Reliance on extension cords
  • 60- or 100-amp electrical service
  • Fuse block or split-bus panels with no main breaker

Enhanced Electrical Capacity

From home remodels to incorporating modern appliances into your space, it’s essential to ensure your electrical panel can keep up with the newfound demands. When you increase your electrical load, look to Stone Electric. We are here to help with a suitable panel upgrade that aligns with the growing power demands of your household.

Energy Efficiency Advantages

Outdated panels work twice as hard to accommodate standard electrical demands. When you opt for a residential electrical panel upgrade, you open the door to maximized energy efficiency and more sustainable living practices. Panel upgrades reduce energy waste and distribute electricity more effectively. In turn, these critical electrical solutions are an excellent way to lower energy costs.

Compliance and Regulations

Electrical safety codes are constantly changing. Stone Electric remains up to date on the latest compliance standards and regulations to ensure the legality and safety of our customers’ homes. In accordance with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, we replace the following non-compliant panels:

  • Federal Pacific Electric (FPE)
  • Zinsco Electrical Panels
  • Pushmatic Electrical Panels
  • Fuse Boxes

Choose Stone Electric

As a family-owned and operated electrical contracting company, Stone Electric treats our Nassau and Suffolk customers with the utmost care. We lead with the highest standards of quality service and an unwavering commitment to safety. Aligning with the latest electrical codes and partnering with the industry’s leading brands, we ensure unrivaled value for each project we take on.

Let’s Discuss Your Residential Electrical Wiring Today

Invest in your home’s safety and efficiency with Stone Electric. From residential electrical panel wiring concerns to upgrades that rid your property of outdated electrical equipment, our certified technicians prioritize your satisfaction with the highest standards of quality electrical care in Nassau and Suffolk County. Contact us today to schedule your initial assessment.

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